15ha dedicated to the creative and cultural industries

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Located on the western point of the island of Nantes, the creative district has the ambition to become the creative hub of the greater metropolitan area of Nantes. By 2020, the 15 ha that the district represents, will intertwine start-ups, SME’s, research and development, higher education, and cultural organizations.

The objectives are :

  • to develop 90 000 m² of activities and facilities (education, research, culture & leisure, economic activities);
  • to unite over 4 000 students, of which 1 000 students enrolled in master’s degrees;
  • to establish a research center for 100 researchers;
  • to concentrate over 1 000 jobs (direct and indirect) in the creative sector.

The Creative Factory, cluster of the creative and cultural industries

In order to support and promote the creative and cultural industries, Nantes Metropole has given a mandate to the Samoa (www.iledenantes.com), the urban development agency of the Island of Nantes, to implement and manage the Creative Factory. Its main mission is to promote, support and develop the economic sectors of the creative and cultural industries through several aspects :

  • To develop and manage office space destined for start-up’s, sme’s and any other type of entrepreneur in the sectors of the creative and cultural industries
  • To develop and implement a complete plan offering support to entrepreneurs at all stages of development of their organizations
  • To structure a support system geared towards the artistic and cultural sectors
  • To promote spill-over activities between industrial and service sectors and the creative sectors
  • To develop international cooperation between European clusters and hubs active in the field of the creative and cultural economic sectors

La Centrale Creative Media Factory

An international resonance

As a creative hub, the Creative Factory contributes to the international strategy of the greater metropolitan area of Nantes. In coordination with the other stakeholders of the area the Creative Factory is present on three levels :

  • Through cooperation with strategic partners throughout Europe (Hambourg, Quebec)
  • As a member of international networks (ECIA, ECBN, participation in Eurocities and AIMF)
  • Through the participation in the cooperation and funding programs of the European commission

These international and interinstitutional cooperations allow the Creative Factory to partake in skills and knowledge exchanges, essential to maintain a high level of expertise and added-value.

The team is currently involved in several European projects :

REFILL (2016 – 2018)

An URBACT project on ensuring long-term effects of temporary use. Nantes is part of a network consortium of ten European cities. The consortium wants to identify instruments that ensure long-term effects of temporality and to explore how the dynamics of/in temporary use can leave a permanent mark in our cities. REFILL stands for “reuse of vacant spaces as driving force for innovation on local level”.


Break in the Desk (2015 – 2017)

Break in the Desk is working on the innovation of the current training possibilities on entrepreneurship for the cultural and creative industries by making the competences, skills and entrepreneurial attitudes a means for artists/creatives to interact with other public and private contexts (PA/SME). The goal is to push them to become trainers, promoters and facilitators of innovation and problem solving through creative thinking and intervention.


5 Bridges – Creating bridges between homeless and local communities (2016 – 2019)

The 5Bridges project is a local consortium of 6 partner organizations including the Samoa. The aim of the project is to experiment an innovative way to tackle the interconnectedness of the major factors of urban poverty, and to break the circle of social and spatial polarization.




International logos

Programmes européens :

Erasmus + : info.erasmusplus.fr

FEDER : ec.europa.eu/regional_policy/fr/funding/erdf/

URBACT : urbact.eu

UIA : www.uia-initiative.eu/fr


Projets européens :

Break in the Desk : breakinthedesk.eu/

REFILL : refillthecity.wordpress.com et urbact.eu/Refill

5bridges : www.uia-initiative.eu/fr/uia-cities/nantes

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The Creative Factory and the urban project of the island of Nantes is a best practice case for several subjects such as urban planning, rehabilitation of industrial heritage, temporary use of public space, and development of creative and cultural industries. We host a large number of national and international delegations every year and are able to do so in English.

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